Our engaging and unique culture is critical to our success and longevity. Some of the key values that define us are:

Collaboration +

PDT actively fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation. We believe the best solutions arise from teamwork, candid debate, and open sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Shared Success +

Our success is shared across the firm; we recognize, appreciate, and reward the contribution and impact that PDTers make.

Partnership +

Our open partnership structure reinforces a culture of merit and ownership and allows us to attract, reward, and retain the next generation of PDT leaders.

Diversity +

We celebrate the diverse and rich set of skills, backgrounds, and interests that PDTers bring.

Fun +

We believe work is but one part of a full life – we support professional and personal well-being. PDTers get together for family picnics, private movie premieres, wine tastings, poker tournaments, dessert throw-downs, Central Park runs, rock climbing, bowling, board game nights.

Giving Back +

Regular tutoring of high-school students, our charitable donation matching, and philanthropic partnerships are some of the ways we contribute to the larger community.